Brexit – The Rich Liars Win

brexit Like a lot of people in the UK I am very frustrated at the result of the EU referendum. It’s not about being a sore looser or throwing the proverbial toys out of the pram just because I didn’t get my way. It’s because the decision to leave was largely based on a mixture of lies, a little England mentality, racism, blind reckless optimism and/or ignorance and stupidity. This referendum really mattered and some are only just realising that after the fact.

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Tarnished Car Headlamps

headlamp The old style glass car headlamps were marvellous. They were tough and sturdy in construction and hardly ever went wrong. However, as is so often the case these days, glass headlamps have been replaced by cheaper plastic ones. Initially they look just as good but after several years they start to tarnish and go cloudy.

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