Man Of Steel

Man-of-Steel I really quite enjoyed the new SuperMan film, Man Of Steel, even if it was a somewhat shaky affair.

I found the previous big screen incarnation with Christopher Reeve enjoyable but at times it was ponderous. He was too squeaky clean and of course we had that preposterous love interest side-line with Lois Lane to contend with. How could anyone not recognise Clark Kent as SuperMan? Also Kent was far too socially clumsy for my liking. If you wanted to blend in you would be efficient and discrete, mysterious, not bumbling around like a pregnant elephant on steroids.

This version was much leaner, it cut to the chase and provided over two hours of very enjoyable, brain safely put to bed, entertainment. The characters were also better. Lois Lane came across as an attractive, intelligent reporter with integrity, rather than the previous chain smoking, loud-mouthed version. Far more likeable. General Zod also had a manic zeal about him rather than disdain and disinterest. Lastly but not least Kent himself had a harder, perhaps flawed, edge to him than before, which made him more three-dimensional. Even the costumes were great.

All being well this will be the beginning of a high-octane film career for Henry Cavill.

No doubt the die-hard comic book fans will find something to criticise. The only valid point I have come across so far referred to Kent’s adopted father telling him off for revealing his power when saving some other school children. Well I guess you cannot win them all!

The only thing that seriously detracted from the film was the use of the hand-held cameras. Goodness it was grim. A hyperactive child with a steady-cam could have done better. At times I felt quite sick. I wish studios would stop doing this. There is nothing clever about it, it simply spoils an otherwise good film.

Anyway it is well worth a watch, especially if you are of the fairer sex apparently. I have it on good authority, from a lady friend of mine, that it is something to do with Henry’s well honed body and the new costume…


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