Tree Of Life

tree-of-life Is it just me or do others think that this film was a complete waste of time?

I’m sorry but I thought that it was a wandering plot-less film containing navel gazing mumbling drivel. The `origins of the Earth’ sequence in the middle, whilst mildly entertaining in itself and nice special effects, is just completely bewildering. Luckily I didn’t have to pay to watch this film as I watched it on a cruise ship. The vast majority of the audience left after about five to ten minutes and the rest left gradually over time. I foolishly stayed to the end, convinced that it couldn’t get any worse and that it would all make sense in the end. How wrong I was. Perhaps it did all make sense and I simply was too bored to care.

I neither saw the initial credits nor waited for them at the end and so I was shocked that a director with an otherwise excellent record could make such a film. I wasted two and a half hours of precious time on this film that I won’t get back.

Even if this film comes on the free view channels simply don’t waste your time, certainly don’t pay to view it.


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